Scientific Prayers

A virtual panorama of the “Scientific Prayers” by Ilonngo artist Allain Hablo. One of the series of exhibitions leading to Visayas Visual Artists Exhibition and Conference (ViVa ExCon) in November 2016.

360 Panorama (Swipe to Explore) by ATMOS.PH

Scientific Prayers is Allain Hablo’s fifth solo exhibition, and his first at Casa Real Gallery. It opened on 24 October 2015, and features 11 oil paintings on canvas of varied sizes, all of which were particularly created for the said exhibition.

“I was fascinated by the meditative nature of repetitive sound, such as in prayers. Science has already made that certain transcendental effect as a proven fact. And I felt I could translate the same effect into visual art.” Hablo explains how his series was conceived.

Allain Hablo, a native of Estancia, Iloilo has progressed from different styles but has consistently been a choice for collectors and critics. He has won Shell National Students Arts Competition, Arts Association of the Philippine, Metrobank Painting Competition and Philippine Arts Awards. His paintings have been showcased in Avellana Art Gallery, Metropolitan Museum and Red Mill Art Gallery in Vermont among others.

Scientific Prayers is one of the series of exhibitions leading to Visayas Visual Artists Exhibition and Conference (ViVa ExCon) in November 2016.

Casa Real Gallery, witness of the enduring glorious Ilonggo past has recently opened its doors into art exhibitions showcasing emerging homegrown contemporary artists.

“It’s all in the mind”, the usual phrase to utter if one is in dire situation and short of options. We then try to seek strength from paranormal beings in the form of a prayer. Scientifically, the power of a fervent prayer lies within the super focused brain. An answered prayer is a product of a deliberate effort to effect positive changes, maybe external, but mostly internal … it’s all in the mind. Praying the rosary, like a shamanic chanting, a repetitive vocal exercise has its mind-altering after effects subjecting one into a trance – a sleep-like state of consciousness that could be healing in itself.

Neuroscientists have discovered that brainwaves can be entrained through audio stimulations such as isochronic tones, if applied repetitively with specific frequency can address a specific health concern. Just an experiment, if the brain-state can be altered with monotonous sound beats, putting the brain into a relaxed state or under trance, I suppose exposing someone to a repetitive visual stimuli could also at least make the same effects, as a painter, I personally find it relaxing to do such kind of art, my way of meditation…my scientific prayer.”

~ Allain Hablo

24 October – 18 November 2015
Casa Real de Iloilo Art Gallery
Tuesday – Saturday
10 AM – 6 PM
Old Capitol, Capitol Grounds
Bonifacio Drive, Iloilo City